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Defining GeoDesign

I feel as though I have a good understanding of what Geodesign is.  However, like with most things, my definition is often different than others.  I searched for a few definitions and came across these from Philip Murphy….

1) GeoDesign is anything that has artistic visualizations of the landscape or features on the landscape

2) GeoDesign is designing actions that change a landscape (this seems to be Jack D’s favorite)

3) GeoDesign is using maps to tell stories

4) GeoDesign is any time you do landscape planning where you iteratively develop by a) sketching (prototyping, visualizing) a design on a map, and b)having an analysis capability that can calculate (in real time) consequences of that that sketched design, and c) elicit feedback (in real time) to improve the design.

Interesting how they cross over.  Our new undergraduate curriculum at NAU focuses on geographic sciences and community planning.  What do you think?  Sounds like geodesign to me……

– Mark Manone