This blog is hosted by faculty members in the Department of Geography, Planning & Recreation at Northern Arizona University. Our lofty goal is to encourage the sharing of perspectives, experiences, and ideas related to GeoDesign in the curriculum (and co-curriculum), whether through your respectful comments or through other contributions (please see Guest Submissions). We’ll see how it goes based on the level of interest and the directions of dialogue, and we will adjust the blog format and content as necessary.

In the least, we plan to share our own experiences with a new, GeoDesign-oriented curriculum for undergraduate majors, Geographic Science and Community Planning, with its official launch during fall, 2011. Many of our curriculum materials pertaining to this new degree are found in the menu item titled The NAU Approach. We are the first to admit that we are still learning about GeoDesign, however, perhaps like most everyone else. So, we might be viewed more accurately as conversation facilitators rather than “experts”. Thanks for visiting, and we invite you to contribute your own ideas related to this exciting multidisciplinary integration of the geographic sciences and design professions!


  • To provide comments, suggestions, and inquiries about guest contributions, please contact Tom Paradis at thomas.paradis@nau.edu.
  • For information or contributions related especially to GIS and Geo-technologies, please contact Mark Manone at mark.manone@nau.edu.

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