What makes an academic program a GeoDesign program?

Based on your own understanding of GeoDesign and what it has to offer, please comment on some attributes, pedagogies, outcomes or other aspects that you would hope to see in a Geodesign-related curriculum, whether graduate or undergraduate, or both. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be comprehensive, as we expect others to add their own perspectives.

– Tom Paradis

3 responses to “What makes an academic program a GeoDesign program?

  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon your discussion and am very curious about your new program. I have been working on a thesis in the Master of Arts in the good and sustainable communities program. My interest has been green or sustainable building with an emphasis of making pre-fab not only green but also affordable. I also have a dream of building a green off grid home either in alpine ranches or Williams area. So of course I have chosen a few good locations 0n Google Earth and played with site placement of my dream home and used the part of Google earth that shows the effect of the sun on the landscape,ect. My Opinion about using the wharehouse to pick pre made models is that you should hold off on allowing students to do that until they demonstrate competency in their ability to make their own model because I started pulling those out of the 3d wharehouse and it effected my direction of design. when you make your own design you have a good knowledge and ability to manipulate or adapt that design and it is very difficult to do that to the models because many of their attributes are fixed.
    also I am no expert but from my dabbling it seems that Autocad has made a lot of headway with business but autocad seems so complex and there are so many different packages and these packages each cost more than a thousand dollars each. And because Sketch up is so easily tied to Google Earth makes it a very attractive competitor for this reason alone I think sketch-up has a positive future in the workplace. Well I hope this helps and I am no expert I have been playing with these two components and am having fun. I would love to also learn more about your degree program. Thanks David

  2. David, first, thanks for “breaking the ice” by providing the first written comment on our blog! More important, your perspectives about SketchUp are insightful, and it makes sense to teach students how to design their own buildings and other elements so as not to rely entirely on the SketchUp warehouse. We will likely plan to move in that direction. – Tom

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